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GDMeds customer feedback

Excellent service with very good offers, save money, great.


I ordered the first time and it was good one . Packing quality was good. Also, they give us some discounts on items. Thank gdmeds. Customer services are good.

Rahul K

Thanks to GDMeds.com, and Dr. Jayesh for helping me with the prescription issues… we are very happy with this medicine site.


Customer service Excellent, Resolution of customers problem: within 24 hours, Email reply: immediately, Customers satisfaction: Excellent, Customer Service Executive handling the matter most efficiently and effectively, Overall Excellent.

S Y Lugal

Awesome! Only one-thirtieth money, I got generic medicine, Sofosbuvir, almost same effect.

S C Mittal

Wonderful experience, amazing service, cool.

Abhijit Saha

Very good, 价格实惠, 快递6天就收到了,谢谢印度极得美药房。


Extremely happy with yr service n cost. I can now save n buy essential medicines at a discounted price from yr vast range of products. Keep up d good work.

Moshe Nashe

Excellent service.


Первоначально готовый пойти прямо в Индию, чтобы купить, только друг, рекомендованный мне, у gdmeds есть противораковые лекарства, которые мне нужны, большое спасибо


I believe gdmeds.com is the best website to buy anti-cancer medicines. Their quality discounted pricing, delivery, as well as returns, are well-taken care off making them suitable for every buyer.

Paul Tandon

Great experience with Gdmeds. Fast and safe delivery ovob guys

Harsh Mittal

It is so easy to use & reliable medicine are provided us

Abdul Rash Khan

Gdmeds, no doubt, a can be trusted Pharmacy Company. With 3 orders to date, I was impressed with their medicines, quality, and price. No DAIGOU any more.

Jane Zhang

I’m from Russia and would like to thank GDMEDS.com for coming up with such site where a person can order the medicines for himself. Its been around 1 year now where I am regularly ordering the monthly medicines. I also refer GDMEDS to some friends who need this like me.


Prompt service, all drugs I want are available, I have ordered more than 5 times, so I am proud of Gdmeds, thanks Gdmeds

Kv. Cheung

i feel very happy because of good response and on time delivery

lakshmi Satya

Monthly regular medicines now I can buy for my grandma from this website. Now my grandma very happy because of you. Thanks to GDMEDS, save our money and save the lifes.

Tom Sun

I cannot figure out why India medicines not allow to sell in China. This made us very difficult to buy the genuine medicines, thanks to gdmeds for good medicines and good price, now we get released from bad agents.


I used it very helpful …amazing response …..good customer service….. Helpful site… Everyone should try ….

Roj Thandri

Gdmeds offers very helpful service to the people around the world. Save your time by click


他のいくつかのオンラインストアを試してみましたが、基本的にはインドでの国内配送のみでした。 Gdmedsは非常に良いですが、価格は安く、ショッピングは非常に満足しています


Customer support is good.


Thanks to gdmeds !! THE FUTURE OF PHARMACY!

Aashu Khan

Good service and very nice customer support. All should try this service…on time delivery…I am very very happy with this shopping. Thanks to INDIA


Osm App. This online pharmacy has tremendous service & high-quality medicines. I have easy found the medicines which I cannot buy in my country.


I forgot to upload the prescription and get a very quick response from the support team, and with their help, the problem fixed very quickly. Amazing experience. Btw, save money is another key attraction to me.

Anna Nair

Today totally my mind changed by gdmeds.com today, good, no more else.


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